Featured Cosplayer: Brett Horn

Give a short introduction of your self. 

My name is Brett Horn and I am a fiery ginger kid who strives to make the most challenging cosplays a reality.

When did you start cosplaying? 
AX 2006

What motivates you to cosplay?
Cosplaying means an opportunity and chance to awe and inspire  people 

around the world.

What costumes have you worn so far?
Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, Fiddlesticks from LoL

What made you choose that/those costumes?
Knuckles is my favorite character from the Sonic Comic Series, I love his story. And I thought I could bring a new spin to a Fiddlesticks cosplay with my stilt walking abilities.

What cosplay events have you attended and which do you consider most special?
Anime Expo 2006-2012 And although AX 2012 was the most special so far Im thinking AX 2013 will be the most amazing one to date.

Describe something that you hate.
Stupid People.

Describe something that you love.
My amazing, inspiring, perfect, gorgeous wife Shanell.

Describe your life outside cosplay.

I am a professional stilt walker at various theme parks, I live in Orange County, and I have an amazing group of family and friends.

Give a short message to your fans and fellow cosplayers.
Although I will not be wearing any new cosplay for the 2013 season, I am heavily involved in bringing you this years newest creations. Hope you enjoy!!!
In addition to my Fiddlesticks cosplay, at AX 2013 my cosplay group will have a Kog'maw cosplay, Trundle cosplay, and 3 other secret League of Legends Champions cosplays.

Check us out for sneak peeks and insight into our creative process. www.facebook.com/4itchytastycosplay
Instagram @4itchytastycosplay  
Twitter @4itchytasty1

Although I am only wearing the Knuckles cosplay, I designed and hand sewed ALL of the other Sonic character cosplays in the pictures as well. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Cosplaying a Zombie

Countless movies, a “Thrilling” music video, and a remarkably powerful TV show have made zombies an iconic image in our culture. While zombies are as popular as ever, there are some people who go a little overboard attire. We all want to experiment with new things to make our costume look more realistic but in the end safe is better than sorry. Some people have tried using chemicals on their skin or clothes that shouldn't be there or dressed too heavily and hurt themselves in the act. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for enjoying your time portraying one of the “walking dead”.


·        Do get comfortable and creative with your threads. Everyone is always impressed to see a new themed zombie. Try something people rarely do like a Monk zombie, anything that’s not the cliche mail man, suit, or cheerleader.

·        Don’t try and be a superhero turned zombie. It’s trying a little too much and only going to take away from whatever side of the costume you want to portray most.

Makeup and Props

·        Do use the fake blood, the full face of makeup or black and white face paint. Give yourself a few nasty wounds to enhance the flavor of the image.

·        Don’t ever use real blood or led-based paint on yourself. The last thing you want is to use substances that give off a completely repulsive smell, make people sick, or damage your skin. Remember there are certain types of paint that are harmful to your skin, know exactly what you are getting on you first. Some people try so hard to pull the zombie act off that they actually try to smell like one by using vinegar or some other fowl substitute for disgustingness, don’t do that.  Rub some dirt and water based paint on your clothes and skin and call it good.


·        Do make your hair look the part. Use some pomade or other type of gel to give yourself a more outlandish look. A small bit of dirt is ok but as I’m about to explain, be careful what you put in your hair.

·        Don’t rub anything in your hair that could mold or die. Have you ever picked up poison oak and made it sit in your hair or rubbed some dirt in up there that had a spider in it. Remember you’re trying to make other people scream, they’ll on laugh if you’re the one screaming because poison oak got on your scalp or bugs are crawling down your face.

Marie Sumner enjoys writing about entertainment and art. She owns more anime than she thinks appropriate to reveal to polite society. Recently, she started writing for Costume Super Center, which gives her an excuse to talk about cosplay costumes, comic books and zombies all day.

Summer Komikon 2013

The following is directly copied from the official event Facebook page

Love komiks? Then this event is for you.

Save this date on your calendars, file for your vacation leaves, let's all head to Bayanihan Center in Pasig City on April 13, 2013! That's 041313!

Join us as a Sponsor, Exhibitor, Indie Komiks Tiangge or Attendee.

Planning to launch your comics in Komikon? Message us!

**More details to be updated soon**
Jan 4 Updates:
1. Exhibitor and Sponsor Registration is open at http://goo.gl/e39kf
2. Indie tiangge registration is now open at http://goo.gl/mNIJg .
3. Volunteer registration is not yet open.

Like us at http://www.facebook.com/komikon.org and at follow our tweets at http://www.twitter.com/komikontweets , please use the hashtag #SK041313 :)

Map and Directions at http://www.komikon.org/map-to-bayanihan-center/

Ozine Fest 2013 - Battle of the Bands

Event Details:

Entrance Fee: PhP 100.00 (One hundred pesos) per day
Event Date/Time: April 12-13-14, 2013 / 10:00am to 9:00pm
Event Venue: SM Megamall Building B, 5th floor Megatrade Hall

Anime Battle of the Bands

Contest Registration is FREE
(Art Contest, Battle of the Bands, Eating Contest, Karaoke Contest and Cosplay Competition)
Registration area is located outside the venue beside the ticket booth.

Ready to rock? Get your band together and show us what you’ve got! Perform on stage and let the public see just how talented your group is!

1. Minimum of two (2) members and a maximum of six (6). Please be informed that BOTB contestants are also required to buy tickets per member.

2. Sound check is limited to five (5) minutes otherwise the judges will deduct points from you.

3. There are a total of two (2) songs to be performed. All contestants will be given a chance to perform one (1) TV size and (1) FULL selected songs. (If possible, choose songs that are from well-known anime series to further encourage audience participation).
***The songs you will be performing should come from an ANIME SERIES. Please inform the audience and judges what the titles are and from what series did they come from (insert songs are allowed).

BOTB participants are required to buy pre-sold tickets to be fully qualified. Date, time, and place where the pre-sold tickets will be bought will be announced via email and in our website and Facebook page.

Should the band leader/representative of a registered band fail to purchase the pre-sold tickets, a band in the wait-list will be taking that slot.

Please note that should a leader/representative be unable to go on that specific date/time/place, any member of the band can buy in his/her place provided we are informed via email or text.

Again, be reminded that all participating members are required to purchase a ticket.

-The ONLY day BOTB will be available is on April 12, Friday. So register now!


Rhythm/Beat – 40%
(timing of every beat/note/chord is perfect)

Blending – 40%
(vocalist is in tune with the music, guitarists/drummer/keyboardist are in tune with each other)

Accuracy – 10%
(Exactly as the original song/close to perfection to the original score)

Audience Impact – 10%
(cheers, claps, whistles of the audience)

TO REGISTER, email the following to: shadowofdeath90@gmail.com

-Band Name
-Band Members
-Contact No. of Band Leader/Representative

*Please note that there will be limited slots only; those who do not make the cut will be placed on the wait list instead, and will be informed if one registered band has decided to back out – FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

*For inquiries regarding the BOTB, Karaoke, and Cosplay(Individual and/or group) competition kindly contact Midge Uy through her email: shadowofdeath90@gmail.com

Source: http://www.ozinefest.com

Ozine Fest 2013 - Cosplay Competition

Event Details:

Entrance Fee: PhP 100.00 (One hundred pesos) per day
Event Date/Time: April 12-13-14, 2013 / 10:00am to 9:00pm
Event Venue: SM Megamall Building B, 5th floor Megatrade Hall

Contest Registration is FREE
(Art Contest, Battle of the Bands, Eating Contest, Karaoke Contest and Cosplay Competition)
Registration area is located outside the venue beside the ticket booth.

Individual Cosplay Competition:
April 14, 2013 (Sunday)

Got props and costumes that are just waiting to be seen by the public? Think you can strut your stuff and earn cheers from the people? Then sign up for the Cosplay Competition!

1st Prize: PhP 8,000.00 (Cash) + Gift Packs
2nd Prize: PhP 6,000.00 (Cash) + Gift Packs
3rd Prize: PhP 4,000.00 (Cash) + Gift Packs
Best Male: PhP 1,000.00 (Cash) + Gift Packs
Best Female: PhP 1,000.00 (Cash) + Gift Packs
Best Mecha: PhP 1,000.00 (Cash) + Gift Packs

Costume – 45%
Characterization – 25%
Durability/Craftsmanship [of Props, etc] – 20%
Audience Impact – 10%

1. Contest is open to all ages. Cosplayers 12 years old and below should have a guardian present to accompany them on or off stage.

2. Cosplay will be open to all characters from various ANIME, MANGA, SENTAI, and GAME series.

3. AVOID using your own original characters for the competition. You may, however, cosplay a character wearing another type of outfit he/she is seen wearing IN THE SERIES. (ex. Katekyo Hitman Reborn characters in their uniforms or their suits, or even their civilian clothing)

4. Contestants must be aware of the time they will be called on stage. Avoid doing your catwalk for more than three (3) minutes of doing nothing; if you have a skit prepared, then it is alright to stay for as long as five (5) minutes.

5. Poses and/or lines that will be seen or heard on stage must remain as wholesome as possible.
***Even if your character is Happosai of Ranma ½ or Hidan of Naruto: Shippuden, avoid usage of lewd remarks and foul words

6. Objects that can pose possible harm or danger will not be allowed on stage.
***There have been a few minor accidents with props and we would very much like to prevent that from happening, or end up resulting to serious injuries; be wary of what you’ll be using for BOTH your costume and props.

7. Cosplayers wearing revealing costumes must be aware that exposure of private part/s is STRICTLY prohibited.

8. Violation of any of the said rules will result to automatic disqualification.

9. Contestants must inform the contest facilitators if they will need a microphone or have other technical requirements (sound effects, extras, etc)

*For inquiries regarding the BOTB, Karaoke, and Cosplay(Individual and/or group) competition kindly contact Midge Uy through her email: shadowofdeath90@gmail.com

Source: http://www.ozinefest.com

Cosplay Event: Cubicon 2013 March 23-24

The following is directly copied from the official event's page
Cubicon 2013: Where ALL Communities Collide!

Where: SM Megatrade Hall 1
When: March 23 and 24, 2013

This is it! Mark your Calendars!

We would like to invite everyone to our biggest and most prestigious online gaming event yet!
Ticket price is Php80.00 per day.

Live Performances Includes Chicosci and General Luna!
Dance Performances Includes Ohrenji and Ku-Kiss (Day 2)
Cubicon Cosplay Competition: http://www.fko.ph/cubicon/events-2013/72-cubicon-cosplay-competition-c3
KPOP Dance Cover Competition: http://stepsatcubicon2013.blogspot.com/p/kpop-dance-cover.html

Here are some of the event posters

Featured Cosplayer: Lei Megumi Ishikawa

Cosplay conventions showcase not only beautiful costumes but also their gorgeous wearers. Indeed attractive and fine-looking cosplayers are staple part of every convention. But every so often we see cosplayers so stunning they outshine even the flashiest costumes. Our featured cosplayer certainly ranks among these elites. 

Meet Lei Megumi Ishikawa. With looks and appeal that rival those of proclaimed cosplay goddesses, Lei has been making buzz on the cosplay scene.

Lei is what one may call a genuine otaku. She's been a fan of anime ever since she can remember. She can even sing the themes of some of her favorite anime including Fushigi Yuugi, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Ah! My Goddess, Naruto, Dragon Ball series, Flame of Recca and many more. Currently she enjoys Fairy Tail the most.

Let’s get to know more about Lei through this short interview.

How did you become interested in cosplay?

I’ve been wanting to join cosplay back when I was still in college but  I could not find time to do so because of my hectic schedule. When I graduated, I had a chance to attend conventions but only once in a while. It was in 2010 when I finally had a chance to put serious effort into cosplay.

What motivates you to cosplay?

I’ve always believed that life is too precious to spend on things that you don’t enjoy or activities that does not add value to you as a person. When I discovered cosplay, I knew then this is something that could give me the exhilaration I’ve always sought for. More than the fine-looking costumes, I think it’s the exciting experience that gets me engaged and pulls me towards it.

What costumes have you worn so far and what made you choose those costumes?

So far I have worn
Bow Master from the MMORPG Lineage 2
Rider of Fate Stay Night and
Asuka Watarai of Under the Innocent Sky
Aburane Shino of Naruto Shippuden
Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail

Every character I play has to have a reason. It can‘t be just any random costume. Not because something is popular, looks good or has potential to win competitions that’s the one I'm gonna choose. I don’t think that’s how costumes should be selected; otherwise it won’t be any different from picking arbitrary ready-to-wear costumes on kid’s birthday parties.

Whenever I choose costumes I always make sure I can relate to the character. It is very important for me to understand the personality of the character so I can give justice to the portrayal.

The Bow Master from Lineage 2 is my attempt to unite beauty and tenacity. Bow Master is both gorgeous and dangerous. Two characters which are thrilling to combine. It is the character that excites me the most.

Rider on the other hand is my attempt to illustrate my belief that women should be empowered. Rider has such as strong personality, independent and persistent. Qualities which I believe modern women should have.

When I chose Asuka Watarai, I wanted to play a character that is girly and fun-loving. With Shino, I wanted to be diverse and edgy by playing a male character. It helps that Shino is also silent and guarded which are also some of my personalities.

Describe your life outside cosplay.

When I’m not cosplaying I’m busy with my day job as a freelance Web/Graphic Designer and MMORPG Game Master. My line of work requires a lot of technical proficiency coupled with creativity. It is far from what I studied in college but its something that I really enjoy doing. 

On side note, I also enjoy collecting old currencies, coins and other stuffs. Yes I’m not only an otaku but also a numismatist.

Tell us something that you love and hate

I love people who do cosplay for the proper reasons. I just want to see people actually enjoying themselves. Cosplay is made for fun and self-expression. Any other positive things that emanate from it are just bonuses.

On the other hand, nothing infuriates me more than to see narcissistic individuals taking advantage of cosplay events to push their egotistical agenda. If people want to become celebrities, they should audition to television networks and just leave cosplay to those with real passion.

Messages to fans and fellow cosplayers

To all my fellow cosplayers and those who are planning to join the hobby, just keep in mind that cosplay is all about passion. It is not just a place to show off your costumes just like what is wrongfully advertise nowadays. Real success in the cosplay comes from the unquantifiable happiness that you get from it. Just enjoy portraying your favorite characters, enjoy it with your friends and most importantly be sure to enjoy yourself. 

Lei Megumi Ishikawa as Bow Master from Lineage 2 (MMORPG)
Lei Megumi Ishikawa as Rider from Fate Stay Night

Lei Megumi Ishikawa as Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail

Lei Megumi Ishikawa as Asuka Watarai from Under the Innocent Sky
Lei Megumi Ishikawa as Bow Master from Lineage 2 (MMORPG)
Lei Megumi Ishikawa as Aburame Shino from Naruto Shippuden

Lei Megumi Ishikawa is a perplexing paradox in the cosplay world. She seeks no attention but gets loads of it and often ends up in the middle of frantic photographers and engrossed fans whenever she shows up on events.

Her immaculate charm, irrefutable selflessness and first-rate demeanor make a good component for a genuine cosplay goddess; one that people would justly recognize as such and not just over-hyped by the enterprising media. 

You can follow Lei Megumi Ishikawa at her official Facebook account.

Winter Komikon 2012


Re-posted from the event's Facebook page

Saturday, October 27, 2012
10:00am until 7:00pm in UTC+08
More details to be updated soon! 

1) Indie Tiangge registration is closed - list of sellers are at http://www.facebook.com/indieket

2) Exhibitors and sponsor slots are open for registration at https://docs.google.com/a/komikon.org/spreadsheet/viewform?pli=1&formkey=dHJlaFVOdEJQalJxZzlpbElfSmxOcWc6MA

3) Volunteer registration now open! http://goo.gl/yS1BR

4) Stand by for announcement of contests

Like us at http://www.facebook.com/komikon.org and at follow our tweets at http://www.twitter.com/komikontweets , please use the hashtag #KOMIKON2012 and we will RT :)

Map and Directions at http://www.komikon.org/map-to-bayanihan-center/

Oh-No! Manga MANGAKA EXPO & Cosplay Crazy 2

Re-posted from the event's Facebook page

Oh-No! Manga MANGAKA EXPO & Cosplay Crazy 2
SM City Taytay
October 12 - 13, 2012
10:00am to 9:00pm
Event Center (inside the mall)


Mangaka Exhibit
Manga On The Spot Art Contest
Giant Gundam Unicorn Marksman In-Action Display
Cosplay Photography Competition & Exhibit
Cosplay Competition
Acoustic Band Battle
Afternoon Film Showing
... and more!

Entrance Fee: P100 per day

Collection 2012

Re-posted from Collecticon 2012 Facebook page

Watch out for the 5th Annual Collecticon 2012- October 6 & 7, 2012 -Robinsons Midtown Mall 

Hobbiworx Inc. and Pinoytoykolektors.com in cooperation with Robinsons Midtown Mall brings you on it's 5th year...

Oct. 6 & 7, 2011
Robinsons Midtown Mall Atrium
Ermita, Manila
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Admission is FREE

You asked for it...we'll give it to you..2 full days of purely a collectors event without the noise and crowd of a dance contest and other performers!

This will be a big toys and collectible experience with 1500 sq.m. of open activity space. There will be more than 60 booths with toys, comics and other collectible merchandises. Lots of activities, fun and surprises instore.

Activities in line:

Collectors Display & Exhibit
Toy Auctions
Customizers Clinic & Workshop
Trivia Contests
Life Size Display
Photo Contest 
Superhero Costripper of the Day

“My Toys” Photo Contest Rules

a) Entries must be printed. Please do not submit images on CD or via email.
b) Enter up to ( 5 per category ) 8x10 or 8x12 enlargements.
c) Your name, address and daytime, contact number should be written clearly at the back of the photo.
d) Submission of entries. You can drop off your entries in a brown envelope at at the event.
e) The judges will choose the winning picture based on the following qualities: impact,(25%) lighting (25%), composition(25%), creativity (25%) total of 100 points..
f) 2 categories. Edited and non edited. Please mark your submitted entries at the back.
g) Subject any form of toys, figures, cars, statues and robots.

For interested parties who would like to be a Booth Exhibitor, please call or text : Mr. Dennis Go at 3638643 or 0917-8929768.

Source: Collecticon 2012